12 December 2023
Showcase GMV Martini (Italy)
This showcase illustrates how an Italian manufacturing company used an PF4EE-financed renewable energy installation to cover their energy needs in times of energy crisis.
17 September 2019
Energy Efficiency Manual
This manual presents energy efficiency measures that are targeted by the PF4EE instrument. Besides providing technical background information on individual measures, the manual highlights points to keep in mind when considering PF4EE financing.
15 April 2019
ESCO Financing: A Success Story from Belgium
In this interview, Joost Declerck, Energy Efficiency Promoter at the PF4EE partner bank Belfius, shares his view on success factors for ESCO financing in Belgium.
12 April 2019
Brochure: Energy Efficiency Projects in Europe
This brochure collects examples of good practice energy efficiency projects across Europe, including information on their estimated energy and cost savings. The brochure can be used as a source of inspiration, by bankers as well as their clients.
12 April 2019
Pipeline Development Manual
This manual presents ideas for pro-active energy efficiency loan pipeline development through financial intermediaries. It covers: (1) internal capacity building, (2) identification of clients, and (3) acquisition of clients.
11 April 2019
Showcase: Watt Matters/ Rue Marius Renard (Belgium)
This showcase presents PF4EE-financed energy efficiency improvements in an apartment building in Brussels, which included the installation of a cogeneration facility and complete roof renovation.
01 April 2019
Showcase: Xylowatt/ Godinne Hospital (Belgium)
This showcase informs about a PF4EE-financed energy efficiency measure, namely the installation of a gasifier integrated into a trigeneration unit at the hospital CHU UCL Namur in Godinne, Belgium.
30 October 2018
Showcase: Anderlechtse Haard (Belgium)
This showcase illustrates a PF4EE-financed energy efficiency project for the Brussels-based social housing company Anderlechtse Haard, which covered the installation of building management systems, PV systems, cogeneration units and new boilers.
25 February 2016
Manual: EE Measures in the Spanish Hotel & Tourism Industry
This manual illustrates typical energy efficiency investments in the hotel and tourism industry in Spain and provides relevant financial and technical information on each measure.